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Amazing Facts About the marijuana or cannabis

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There is more to marijuana than just how to smoke it correctly. The world will most likely never learn all of the mysteries contained in this miraculous plant. However, legions of cannabis lovers, scientists, and historians have compiled an ever-expanding collection of marijuana data all years.

Do you want some interesting facts? We also! We’ve compiled a list of fascinating cannabis facts to help you learn more about this remarkable plant. You may believe you know more about weed delivery scarborough, but you don’t. Here are a few amazing facts about cannabis that you didn’t know.

The first product purchased and sold online was:

What was the first item purchased and sold online? Weed is the answer. A group of Stanford students conducted the first e-commerce transaction in 1971. Cannabis was the prime product. The kids reportedly purchased marijuana from MIT students who sold it online. Some believe it’s the other way around, with Stanford students selling marijuana to their MIT counterparts.

As if on a chocolate high:

Did you know that eating chocolate gives you the same high as smoking cannabis? The former is not as strong as the latter, but it can have the same results if used in sufficient quantities. Both chocolate and cannabis bind to brain receptors that stimulate anandamide. It’s a neurotransmitter that makes you feel better.

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There are about 200 cannabis slang terms:

There are nearly 200 various slang terms for cannabis, in addition to “weed,” “herb,” and “marijuana.” The English refer to it as “Gasper Stick,” whereas Latin American countries refer to it as “Caracas.” Cannabis was also dubbed “by GI soldiers during the Vietnam War. They dubbed marijuana their “Dinkie-Dow cigarette” because it caused them to do weird things.

Doomsday’s Vault:

The presence of the Doomsday Vault is one of the most intriguing cannabis fun facts. It is a hidden vault containing thousands of weed delivery scarborough and other plant types. Although the Doomsday Vault debuted in 2008, the concept goes back to the 1980s. Carly Fowler, the former CEO of Crop Trust, designed the vault to hold backup copies of diverse seed samples. The vault freezes them to protect the integrity of seed samples. Surprisingly, one of the vault’s best seed deposits arrived in 2020. More than 60,000 seed samples from 36 different groups and nations were stored there.